Forensic Solutions

We provide 'state-of-the-art' technologies in the fields of Forensic Science and Crime Investigation.

To law-enforcement agencies, military offices, educational institutions and forensic operations / laboratories of all sizes, we can or have provided Specialized Forensic Solutions and Crime Investigation Equipment, Software & Supplies.

  • Handwriting, Signatures Analysis Equipment
  • Questioned Documents Examination Equipment
  • DNA Collection Systems
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Forensic Digital Microscopes
  • Evidence, Assets Storage Solutions
  • Fingerprints Matching Software
  • Speech, Audio Analysis Software
  • Digital Forensic Solutions
  • RFID Tracking Hardware & Software
  • Footprints Identification Solutions
  • Evidence Packaging Solutions
  • Forensic Lights, Lasers
  • Scene of Crime Imaging Equipment
  • Forensic Laboratory Setups
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Enrollment Devices
  • Visitors Management Solutions
  • Image, Videos Analysis Solutions
  • Face Recognition Software
  • Infants Tracking, Enrollment Solutions
  • SOC Consoles & Furniture
  • VR Training Solutions in Forensics
  • Specialized Forensic Trainings