Forensics & Security

In this age of heightened security concerns worldwide, we have focused considerable attention on this industry. And as expected, our growth is consistent with the vast business potential in this field.

Specific areas of our focus and expertise are: Documents Examination Systems, Public Safety Software, Forensic Lasers, Crime Investigation Equipment, Fingerprint Matching Software, Scene of Crime Solutions, and much more …

Some of the products we can offer or have already sold/sourced are mentioned below. If you require anything specific or different from what is mentioned here, please contact us and we will be able to assist.

Laser Innovations (U.K.) Ltd.

These lasers help identify fingerprints, fibres and other evidence way in excess of other methods. When viewed through filter goggles the concentrated beam of pure light from the laser detects the fluorescence from evidence deposits.
We represent LASER INNOVATIONS exclusively in Saudi Arabia.

The CAD Zone

A Leader in Public Safety and Insurance Software for Over a Decade, The CAD Zone specializes in drawing and database programs designed specifically for Law Enforcement, the Fire Service, and Loss Control.
We are authorized resellers of The CAD Zone products overseas.

Fox Fury LLC

In the Forensics field, FoxFury's FlashLights (LED Light Sources) fulfill various needs while being competitively priced. FoxFury's patented Peripheral Vision and Photoptic Lighting have resulted in products that make work and play safer and more enjoyable.
We are authorized resellers of FOXFURY products in Saudi Arabia.

Cross Match Technologies, Inc.

Cross Match is a leading global supplier of high-quality, interoperable, biometric identity technologies.
We have facilitated the sale of Finger Printing Scanners from CROSSMATCH to the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia.


◊  Crime Scene Investigation Equipment and Accessories
◊  Forensic Software
◊  Samples Storage Systems
◊  DNA Extraction Systems
◊  Fingerprints Matching Software
◊  Portable Forensic Labs
◊  Fingerprinting Cabinets & Workstations
◊  Data Recovery Tools
◊  3D Camera Systems and Software for Crime Scene
◊  Protection Apparel/Suits
◊  Forensic Laboratory Consumables & Chemicals
◊  Forgery Detection Kits
◊  Fingerprinting Consumables & Supplies
◊  Radiation Detectors
◊  Hazardous Materials Detection Solutions
◊  Speech Analysis Software
◊  Explosives Detection Instruments
◊  Solid State Recorders
◊  Questioned Documentation Examination Systems
◊  Digital Forensic Solutions
◊  Data Extraction Solutions for Wireless Handsets
◊  Laboratory Chemicals

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