Scientific & Industrial

We offer Analytical Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Control Devices and Accessories to Scientific Laboratories in premier Universities, Research Centres, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals and Forensics Departments.

In the Industrial field we offer OEM parts, equipment and accessories to industries such as Cement, Mining, Iron & Steel, Petrochemicals, Materials Handling, Rubber, Transportation, Construction and Railways.

Some products we have supplied / sourced so far or can offer are mentioned below. Please contact us for products not mentioned here as well - we will be able to assist you with their sourcing.

AVL Systems, Inc.

AVL Systems provide a complete selection of Decorative Acoustical Wall & Ceiling Products for interior spaces that require Sound Absorption, Sound Diffusion and/or Sound Reflection to provide improved hearing, space functionality and listening enjoyment.
We represent AVL Systems exclusively in Saudi Arabia and India.

COGELME s.a.s.

COGELME recycling machines (Eddy Current / Magnetic Separators, Glass Crushers) are engineered to be optimally integrated in your current setup to run efficient, profit-making ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, glass & plastics sorting and processing.
We are authorized resellers of COGELME products in Saudi Arabia and Canada.

SMC Industrial BV

SMC Industrial can deliver all your needs, from Crusher & Excavator parts, to Conveyor Belting & associated Accessories, to on-site Vulcanizing Service & Training, Mechanical Fasteners, Glue for Cold Splicing, U-Repair Systems, and many more related items.
We represent SMC Industrial exclusively in Saudi Arabia and are authorized to resell their products and services worldwide.

Drinkable Air Canada

Make 99.99% Pure, Safe Drinking Water in your own home, office or anywhere! Drinkable Air’s patented technology converts moisture from the air we breathe into an unlimited safe and reliable supply of Clean, Fresh and Pure Drinking Water!
We are authorized to sell Drinkable Air products worldwide.

SPI Supplies (Structure Probe, Inc.)

This company is a single source for all consumables, equipment and accessories required in a modern Electron Microscopy Laboratory.

GMW Associates

The Company is a distributor and integrator of Sensors, Transducers, Instruments and Systems based on Magnetics.

Shaw-Almex Canada/Europe

The world relies on Almex for vulcanizing equipment solutions more than any other company in the world. Shaw-Almex provides state-of-the-art vulcanizing equipment technology, services and expertise to a diverse range of industries world-wide.
We have sold many vulcanizers from SHAW-ALMEX to the cement & mining industries in Saudi Arabia.

Testforce Systems, Inc.

Testforce is Canada's trusted name in test and measurement equipment. With leading manufacturers like Keithley, Fluke, IFR, Cascade, Kepco and more, Testforce has the resources you need.

McCann Equipment Ltd.

McCann Equipment Ltd. is a complete torque tool specialty house. It provides torque equipment from manual screwdrivers and wrenches to high powered pneumatic, hydraulic and electric torque tools, test equipment and controllers.

Wholesale Microscopes

Wholesale Microscopes is a one-stop source for wholesale microscopy equipment. It provides a huge selection of microscopes and microscope accessories direct from the optical manufacturers from various countries.


◊  Expansion Joints
◊  Diesel Generators
◊  Skylights
◊  Liquids/Solids Separation Systems
◊  Water Purification Systems
◊  Autoclaves
◊  XRF Units
◊  Bio-Safety Cabinets & Freezers
◊  Polyurethane Processing Equipment
◊  Solutions in Milling & Sieving
◊  Specimen Preparation Equipment
◊  Pipes & Fittings
◊  Educational Equipment
◊  Electron Microscopy Accessories
◊  LCR Meters
◊  Spectrum Analyzers
◊  Centrifugal Filter Units
◊  Titration Equipment
◊  Safety Cabinets & Hoods
◊  Incubators for Microbiology Laboratories
◊  Ultrasonic Homogenizers
◊  Digital Imaging products
◊  Biological Sample Management (Storage) Systems
◊  Laboratory Consumables & Accessories
◊  CNC Lathe Machines
◊  Pumps & Parts
◊  Scissor Tables
◊  Rubber Hoses
◊  Materials Testing Equipment
◊  Valves - Check, Ball, Gate
◊  Playground Equipment
◊  Digital Gauges
◊  Roof Hatches
◊  Sprockets & Chains
◊  Wall & Corner Guards
◊  Electrical Winches
◊  Well-Head Pressure and Temperature Monitors
◊  Pressure Switches and Regulators

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