Welcome to Shelron Enterprises... the Professional Link between buyers and sellers worldwide...

About Us

Headquartered in Canada, our forte is International Trade. We like to think of ourselves as the 'professional link' between buyers and sellers worldwide.
Shelron Enterprises is owned and operated by technocrats who have over 40 years of combined experience in managing companies successfully in different countries and continents.

We offer high-tech equipment and accessories/supplies for the Scientific, Industrial and Forensics fields. At times, we also offer Consultancy Services to exporting firms in North America.


Conveyor Belts Supplier, Conveyor Belts Vulcanizer , Excavator, Crusher, Magnetic Separator, Almex Vulcanizer, Acoustic Panel, Forensic Laser, Crime Scene Investigation, Data Recovery Systems, Fingerprinting Supplies

We bring new and potential markets to our suppliers, and offer state-of-the-art products to our customers at competitive prices.

While endeavouring to lower the procurements costs for our customers, we meet the highest professional standards in supply-chain management.

Conveyor Belting & Mining

We are Your Specialist Suppliers of Goods & Services for the Mining Industry and Industrial Plants. Years of experience in the field have allowed us to consistently expand our activities & become a leading supplier of conveyor belting & mining products and services.

Call us for Mining Equipment, Conveyor Belt Vulcanizers, Polyurethane Processing Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment, Magnetic Separators, Parts and much more...

Forensics & Security

In this age of heightened security concerns worldwide, we have focused considerable attention on this industry. And as expected, our growth is consistent with the vast business potential in this field.

Specific areas of our focus and expertise are: Documents Examination Systems, Public Safety Software, Forensic Lasers, Crime Investigation Equipment, Fingerprint Matching Software, Scene of Crime Solutions, and much more …

Scientific & Industrial

We offer Analytical Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Control Devices and Accessories to Scientific Laboratories in premier Universities, Research Centres, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals and Forensics Departments.

In the Industrial field we offer OEM parts, equipment and accessories to industries such as Cement, Mining, Iron & Steel, Petrochemicals, Materials Handling, Rubber, Transportation, Construction & Railways...